Creative Photography

People take pictures to capture life and it’s countless elements in numerous ways. We take photographs of special occasions, things and places to delight in memory or perhaps just to have a visual record. But, taking photos may also be applied as a form of artistic quality to display creative skills. You can easily perform much more than merely snap a picture to create unique photos.

There are lots of techniques that can be integrated in ones own experience of taking pictures that’ll enable you to produce far more remarkable snapshots whilst optimizing your creativity. One of the most well-known and also simplest creative photography technique is forced perspective photography. ()

forced perspective

This technique is used as a method to create the semblance that elements in a shot are nearer, farther away, more huge or not as big as they actually are in reality. This is perhaps the easiest photography trick to carry out, as you just need to shift your camera and the subject matter around until you finally get what you are looking for.

One other effortless photography trick is simply turning the shot upside down or side-ways to make the picture appear extraordinary. One can have lots of fun with another remarkable photography trick called levitation photography. This is a creative trick that puts a subject above the ground. If you really want to make that trick look remarkable use the software Photoshop to help produce the levitation. You can utilize this trick to make someone appear floating, walking and even sitting above the ground.


More interesting photography tricks include long exposure photography (, where by using a slow shutter speed, you can produce impressive images with objects in motion or a light source making them cause a lovely blurring or trailing effect in the photo, many people are using this technique to create light painting photographs by waving a bright lighting source around a motionless thing.


Multiplicity photography is another impressive technique anyone will love, given it entails producing a shot with a subject appearing multiple times and in unique perspectives and varied positions. In order to make this technique more interesting the person or thing could be wearing various apparel as well as doing different things.

I hope this article gave you an insight about how you may be creative and artistic with photography. But you can still find other tricks which were not stated in this article. So when taking pictures bear in mind that there are lots of photograph methods you may use that’ll enable you to produce fantastic snaps.